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    Yesterday, the House had passed the official micro- issued " actually home norms partners in e-commerce . louis vuitton Alma M5280J However , EBAY 5000 fashion channel in one fell swoop to bring certified businesses , a project basically solved the runway nets commodity rich pursuit.However , EBAY 5000 fashion channel in one fell swoop to bring certified businesses , a project basically solved the runway nets commodity rich pursuit.It is understood that the plan for sellers, there are two benefits : First , the service delivery aspects of the seller rating will be protected , because the seller is not involved in the shipping center from EBAY U.

    EBAY seller account will be audited on the 20th of each month , if the account reaches a seller performance rating requirements , cross-border sales restrictions can be automatically lifted.In fact , EBAY have tried to copy the successful model of the United States in China , providing professional, high quality , versatility e-commerce services . louis vuitton Women Belts EBAY same price , you buy goods in the EBAY serves network and the overall cost of the purchase to pay is the same as in the EBAY.And on October 30 , another industry leader - actually home , then issued a document to the business , formally conveyed the sanction determination and approach.logistics services to consumers this ; Second, the seller will not accept any liability for loss or damage occur during international transport .In cooperation with EBAY reached on this node , which serves as rocket-propelled -like speed to get up and running .

    louis vuitton hud ms Wang Na memories, this process particularly painful , because the user does not know the goods from EBAY, raised a variety of questions , such as why some items take up to ten days for you to receive .Billion state power network discovery , last June , EBAY global delivery scheme increased France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland , the Netherlands , Poland , Spain and other countries and regions in eight transport services in September and opened the Russian transportation, basic coverage major European national markets .

    louis vuitton Alma M53151 7 million active registered accounts, the total amount of users reached 132 million , an increase of 17% ; using PAYPAL consumer generated net disbursements increased 24% to $ 43 billion .So all designer brands , EBAY show EBAYFASHION all channels in the sale , and will be adjusted according to the Chinese market feedback .In the past, some of which serves domestic warehousing vendor can choose , lightning delivery ; Meanwhile , B2C giant Competition logistics speed competition has entered the white-hot stage .Beijing August 10 , according to technology website THENEXTWEB reports, local time Thursday , EBAY announced that it will add EBAYNOW Delivery Service " scheduled delivery " (SCHEDULEDDELIVERIES) function, and for retailers brought a new platform.

    Chinese users to upgrade the global consumer goods has become an indisputable fact that they demand of fashion brand goods particularly strong.For buyers, the checkout process can be seen in full in advance the total price of goods purchased , so as not to reach for additional items after taxes and tariffs surprised.Data show that the second quarter EBAY commodity turnover reached $ 51 billion , revenue of about $ 3. louis vuitton Alma M53151 Between April of this year, eBay became a wholly owned subsidiary of TOM Group , EBAY chose to exit quietly .PAYPAL "early order " (ORDERAHEAD) EBAY introduced the " advance order " PAYPAL mobile applications.


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